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We are over 35 years experience manufacturing quality Insulated Glass Sealed Unit.


We take pride in the quality Insulated Glass Sealed Units we manufacture.


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Welcome to Glass Supplies Dorset

Glass Supplies started trading in 1986. Since then it has been manufacturing and selling insulated glass sealed units, as well as selling sheets of glass cut to size.

In 2001 Glass Supplies became a division of the Dorset Glass Company ltd, a family run Glass Merchants based in Poole.

Our Products

Window Units For Your Needs


Leaded glass selection designs

The many colours and designs that can be produced means leading is a creative option for windows, doors, cabinets, in both interior and exterior locations. The malleability property of the self adhesive lead makes it possible for beautiful and intricate designs to be produced.

Bevelled Glass

Bevelled mirror

We offer a wide range of bevels designs which are both intricate and elegant. The bevel designs are manufactured out of 5mm float with the edges bevelled down to 1.5mm – 1.8mm. The complex and striking designs are available in clear and green, blue, bronze and grey tints


Georgian style window with georgian bars

Georgian bar windows remain popular and can give a traditional and elegant look to windows and doors. We manufacture our Georgian patterns in 18mm, 25mm and 45mm on request.

Aluminium Spacers

aluminium spacers colour selection

The aluminium spacers use in our Units are available in White, Black, Silver, Bronze, Gold and Swisspacer. All spacers come in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm and 20mm.

Warm Edge Spacers

warm spacers colour selection

The warm edge spacers use in our Units are available in White, Black and grey. All spacers come in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm and 20mm.


georgian style window with duplex bar

Duplex spacers are designed to make a single sealed units look like lots of individual panes of glass. The result of using a duplex spacer is a window or door with the stylish aesthetics combined with the insulating properties of a sealed unit.

Our Glass

Wide Range Of Glass

Acoustic Glass

We offer acoustic glass in 6.4 mm , 8.8mm and 12.8mm. When acoustic glass is used in a sealed unit the acoustic glass will dampen noise vibrations and therefore cuts down noise pollution. Acoustic glass also have the safety and security features of Laminate. This means when the product is broken it is retained in the frame by the PVB interlayer giving increased security in comparison to toughened.

Float Glass

Float Glass also know as annealed glass is standard clear glass. It is available in several different thickness they are 4mm; 6mm; 8mm; 10mm and 12mm and the glass can be cut to the required size.

Laminate Glass

We use laminates in sizes ranging from 6.4 to 12.8, in our units. The Laminate is available in clear glass, bronze, grey, white, stipolyte and low e glass. The Main Advantage of Laminate • When the product is broken it is retained in the frame by the PVB interlayer giving increased security in comparison to toughened. • Laminate glass has increased acoustic dampening properties compared to toughened. • Laminate glass when the interlayer is 0.08 mm or thicker reduces the effect of UV radiation by 98% • Laminate glass can be re cut down to size.

Low 'E'

There are two types of low e, hard coat and soft coat. Hard coat – Planibel A and Planibel G Advantages Tough coating easy to handle process and toughening Long shelf life High G factor Soft Coat – Total Plus and Climaguard A Lower U value More neutral in appearance Soft Coat - Total Plus and Climaguard A Advantages Lower U value More neutral in appearance.

Low Iron

We use low iron glass in 4mm 6mm and 10 mm in our units . Low iron glass has a higher light transmission than ordinary float glass. This means that low iron glass has a clearer look to it than ordinary float glass which can have a slightly green tint to it. EN410 4mm Clear Vision light transmission is 92%

Self Cleaning Glass

We offer self cleaning glass for units in 4mm and 6mm. Self cleaning glass is low maintenance as it has both self cleaning and solar control properties. Self Cleaning Glass also has the acoustic and security benefits of laminate. This means when the product is broken it is retained in the frame by the PVB interlayer giving increased security in comparison to toughened.

Toughened Glass

The Toughened glass used in our units is available from 4mm to 12 mm in Float, Low e, Solar control and patterned glass. The minimum size that can be toughened is 100mm x 300 mm.
Toughened glass in five times stronger due to the tempering process, is lighter than laminate and has a wider range of patterned glass than laminate.

Tinted Glass

Body tinted glass, which come in bronze, grey, green and blue, is available for use in our units. As its name suggests the glass sub straight is coloured.
Attractive colours
Very long shelf life

Patterned Glass

We offer wide range of patterned/obscure glass: chantilly, charcoal sticks, contour, digital, double fleur, empress, everglade, flemish, fleur de lys, gothic, lite, maple, mayflower, minster,oak, pellerine, star, taffeta, trellis, tundra, victorian, wessex leaf and wessex wold.